"I love working with Duda Lucena! He is by far the most skilled mastering engineer I have worked with, paying such close attention to detail on top of being a great communicator. His ear is unmatched and I trust him with my most precious material. What a blessing to work with such an artist!"

~ Heather Rice - Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist

"We just finished our second project with Duda and will happily hire him again for the next one. He is very easy to work with and very fast on a turn around. He was able to pick out all of the different instruments on every track, and really make the songs pop. The overall sound I spot on for what we are looking for, not overly compressed and too hiss or boomy. Looking forward to handing him our next project, hopefully sooner than later."

~ Thomas Champagne

"The word that comes to mind the moment I listen to Duda Lucena’s work is metamorphosis. His ability to operate the conversion of a caterpillar into a butterfly (as the name of his company suggests) is just flat out superlative. His ears and sense of aural aesthetics created the most beautiful butterfly out of our CD’s mix: balanced, symmetrical, colorful, uniform…an absolute beauty and a pleasure to the senses! We highly recommend his professional services and are very much looking forward to working with him on our next project!”

~ Alfredo Minetti - Duo Scofano/Minetti

"I came to Borboleta Audio Mastering with my first CD project on the recommendation of a friend, not really knowing much about them or what mastering even was. I was quite frankly stunned with the difference that this process made, and very impressed with how much time and care Duda took to make sure that everything was absolutely perfect. For future projects, I will not even bother looking for anyone else.”

~ David Heywood - Named as the 2015 Top Jazz Flutist by the National Flute Association

"Audio mastering is an incredibly fine art and I've been fortunate to have my songs mastered by some of the most celebrated engineers in the business. It is through this experience that I am happy to offer my confident endorsement of Borboleta Audio. It's obviously to me that Duda Lucena has an exceptional talent for one of the most meticulous and challenging crafts in audio production. He can make your songs sound better than you ever thought possible."

~ Clay Ross - Recording Artist, Motema Records

"It was a pleasure to work with Duda Lucena when he mastered the CD VIOLÕES DA UFRJ, recorded at the Sinphônic Studio of the Radio MEC, supported by the Federal University. His work was extremely important in finalizing our CD with the end result being an excellent product."

~ Bartolomeu Wiese - Professor of the School of Music at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

"The fact that he [Duda] is an excellent musician coupled with his technical ability, in my opinion, makes him stand apart from the rest of the audio mastering industry."

~ Adamo Prince - Internationally recognized music educator, composer, arranger and author

"Duda's ear, gear and expertise make him the perfect person to master your next recording. I was very impressed with the enhanced quality of my track!"

~ Lee Barbour - Recording Artist - Guitarist, Composer and Producer