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You have done the hard work taking your music through the creative and recording process! Let us help you deliver your music to the masses with the last vital step, the mastering process. This process relies on a mastering professional to combine experience, perspective and technical knowledge to create a high quality finished product for you.

We offer the following services for all genres of music from classical to jazz to bluegrass to rock:

  1. Audio Mastering for online streaming, radio and/or Cds
  2. Audio Restoration
  3. Graphic design

What RESULTS can you expect?

  • Fully edited and final mastered version of your music
  • Balanced and properly leveled sound
  • Well defined stereo image
  • Sequencing, spacing and fading for full albums
  • Duplication ready Red Book CD master with CD text insertion
  • DDP image for CD duplication.
  • Advanced editing for full restoration, optimization and cleaning of your audio